Keynote Speakers


Retailing Like Amazon

John Rossman

Does your dealership want to think and sell like amazon?  Automotive retail is transforming, and disruptive technologies are changing the way vehicles are sold and serviced. Amazon has a thrilling power to innovate that few other companies have matched.

We brought in the guy who built the amazon marketplace to train you on how to think about digital retailing.  John Rossman will present a systematic approach Amazon uses to innovate and out-perform the competition. He’ll unpack the strategies, tools and tactics Amazon uses to achieve growth and increase customer trust.  Don’t miss John Rossman and learn how you can incorporate Amazon thinking into your dealership.


Engage and Inspire the Modern Workforce

Clint Pulver

Your dealership needs to hire and retain loyal, high-performing employees. As the talent pool transitions to millennials, do you know what it takes to connect and inspire today’s workforce? Often times, millennials won't open up to their supervisors, but they will open up to other millennials and provide valuable feedback regarding their employers. Clint will present “undercover” evidence from actual dealership employees on why they stay with the organization - or why they leave.

Known as “The Millennial Speaker”, Clint Pulver helps organizations that want to retain, engage and inspire the younger generation.

For over a decade, Clint has dedicated his heart to helping organizations understand the younger generation and helping the younger generation to understand themselves. With a blend of humor, unforgettable stories, and actionable takeaways that stick, Clint convinces audiences on the power of The Mentorship Effect, and why some leaders create lasting loyalty and others don’t.


Discover What's Next in Search

Britney Muller

Discover what’s next in search so you can dominate your market. We brought in one of the top experts in search marketing, Britney Muller, SEO Scientist at MOZ. She will present the latest insights in search marketing and discuss the different search technologies you should be watching. Britney will provide you with an advanced view of how you should be approaching search marketing in your dealership. From featured snippets to machine learning in SEO, Brittney will give you the insight you need to succeed in search.

Where do you go when you’ve mastered the fundamentals? How can you position your dealership and be ready for what’s next? Don’t miss Britney Muller’s informative keynote at DSES.

Britney Muller founded a boutique medical marketing agency after graduating from college and is now Moz's Senior SEO Scientist. Britney currently lives on a boat in Seattle and enjoys building Machine Learning models for digital marketing solutions in her spare time.

Grow Your Performance by Building a Strong Dealership Culture

Arnie Malham

Today, you need to develop your dealership's culture and have a team that will stand by you through times of change. From digital retailing, mobility, flexible scheduling and the evolving customer experience, do you have a culture that can implement progressive initiatives? Arnie Malham will present you with a sustainable framework for developing and evolving a winning dealership culture.

The last thing you have time for right now is building your dealership culture. You’ve got your hands full with OEM constraints, employee turnover, and compressing margins. Why should you spend valuable time and resources on your culture?

One thing is for sure, successful companies spend time, effort, and resources on culture. You’ve been to Starbucks and The Container Store, you’ve flown Southwest and ordered shoes from Zappos, you’ve stayed at a Ritz-Carlton and shopped at Macy’s. You’ve heard businesses preach about the importance of investing in your culture. How can you leverage their insights in your dealership? Arnie will show you exactly what you can do to build a sustainable and remarkable business culture.

Arnie Malham is an expert on building culture-first companies and grew one of the largest full-service advertising agencies in the country. His focus on culture led him to found BetterBookClub.com.

Don't miss Arnie’s dynamic presentation and discover how improving your culture can help you create meaningful change in your dealership.

The Opportunity to Innovate: Setting Up Your Dealership for Success

Andrew Diffenderfer

Get a sneak-peek of the Google Dealer Guidebook 2.0 before it gets released! In this keynote, Andrew will present the latest on the ever-evolving consumer behaviors. Gain an understanding of how digital is changing the relationship between car buyers and dealerships and discover how to use strategies and marketing solutions to innovate your business and grow sales.

Progressive Sales Training Breakout Track

Discover the latest in all things sales. From BDC to sales process to F&I, you'll gain the insight you need to stay ahead.

A Better Bridge to Buying

Super Session | Brent Wees, Joe Webb

Improve the customer experience by transforming your sales process. Learn how to cut redundancy, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and speed up the purchase process.

Improving Your Sales Process with Incremental Thinking

David Steinberg

Learn how to solve problems and process breakdowns in your sales process. Drive powerful, positive change by solving the right issues at the right time. Learn how to break down complex challenges and create actionable steps that lead to sustainable process improvement.

Sparking Creativity to Emerge Better Sales Process

Super Session | Jennifer Suzuki

Develop better business practices for your employees and guests. Learn how to identify ways to improve your dealership experience and discover how to promote this experience when prospecting to attract more customers.

Less is More Strategy - Customer Experience Starts With Engagement

Super Session | Steve Roessler

Gain insight on how to generate higher customer engagement. Discover the customer behaviors happening today and why engagement is so important. Learn how to measure engagement in your interactions and how better engagement impacts appointments.

The 4 Elements to a Winning Culture

Super Session | Sean Kelley

Build a rockstar sales team with coaching. Learn how to build a culture in your dealership that rewards top performers. Uncover how to turn around under-performers in 30 days and elevate your entire sales floor.

Next-Gen Fixed Operations Breakout Track

Discover the innovative tactics you need to know to dominate your market.

Fixed Ops Digital Marketing - A Little Effort, Huge Reward

Andy MacLeay

Grow your shop and beat service competitors at the local level. Gain insight on how to protect your brand using advanced digital marketing, and leverage new trends in integration and tracking to make sure you see the results of every dollar you spend.

The Top 3 Differences Between Digital Sales and Digital Service Marketing

Mindy Batchelor

Discover how to maximize your dealership retention by tying in store visits to digital marketing KPIs. Gain an understanding on how to spend less with audience targeting and automated messaging.

Conquest Strategies to Increase Service Market Share

Scot Eisenfelder

Develop a high performing conquest strategy. Learn how the razor-blade and razor business can help you grow market share. Gain insight on how to find, attract and retain owners of 4 to 6 year old vehicles that can help you capitalize on fixed ops demand. 

Finding and Retaining Technicians in Today's Competitive Environment

Brad Lillie

Learn how to find, train, and most importantly, retain technicians. Discover an innovative new concept that will result in a higher performing shop. Learn the four skill levels of technicians in your dealership and why this is changing.

Meet Your New Customer, Maximize Sales and Eliminate Heat Cases

Jeff Cowan

Improve your fixed ops retention and improve customer experience. Understand how to eliminate heat cases, earn maximum sales, and improve your retention to above 80% within 12 months.

Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

Uncover the proven strategies that drive traffic and increase conversion.

Move More Metal With In-House Marketing

Simon Heseltine

Maximize your digital conversions by creating an in-house marketing team. Gain insights on how to build, manage, and grow your marketing in-house so you can strengthen your online presence and tap into new audience segments.

Don't Be Basic! Stand Out, Catch Eyes, ENGAGE With Today's Consumers!

Super Session | Gray Scott

Drive better results from your marketing by engaging with your audience. Learn how to stand out and deliver value in your marketing. Discover how to use your marketing data to establish the strongest and most effective creative.

Lead Forms Are Not Dead: How to Turn Leads Into Car Sales

Daniel Kim

Improve conversions by providing targeted marketing messages to buyers. Utilize your first-party data to identify buying signals of customers.

Automotive Content Evolution: Core Copywriting Tenets Dealerships Must Adopt

Dane Saville

Convert more shoppers into buyers through effective content. Get insights about the five attributes of great storytelling and what you can do to make decisions personal. Learn how better targeting can positively impact your paid search and social media strategies.

How to Dominate and Generate a Mega Ton of Leads and Convert Sales Using the Facebook and Instagram Platforms

Gail Rubinstein

Increase your marketing leads from Facebook. Learn how to create an audience and turn your sales staff into social selling superstars. Lower your cost per lead with split testing.

Modern SEO Secrets: How Dealerships Should Compete with 3rd Party Lead Providers

Parker Evenson

Optimize your web properties and improve your search rankings. Discover the content Google will rank for transactional and low-funnel searches. Learn how to optimize your inventory pages to rank better in search

Do You Want to be a Marketing Millionaire?

Eric Miltsch

Dominate in your marketing. Gain an understanding how process efficiencies and marketing automation can help you better drive results. Discover how to adapt to the latest search engine updates

Breakthrough Inventory Management

Learn how to build and market a winning inventory that improves velocity and increases gross

Driving Visibility Through Immersive Online Merchandising

Russ Daniels

Sell more used cars by applying immersive online merchandising. Review consumer and engagement research and learn the key metrics dealerships have available to understand how merchandising is impacting sales

Are the "Days" of Days Supply Over

Adam Tobias

Dial in your acquisition and pricing strategy and outsell the competition. Discover the metrics you should be monitoring today. Understand what the top performing dealers are doing today.

Applying An Investment Lens to New Vehicle Management

Super Session | Brian Finkelmeyer

Turn your new inventory faster. Gain a complete picture of your new inventory and learn the necessary metrics for assessing your opportunities and risks.

Inventory, Your CRM and the Big Gap of Data

Super Session | Jasen Rice

Develop a winning lead handling process by analyzing your inventory. Learn how to track new and used car leads with stock numbers, even down to each model and what processes to put in place to handle those leads.

Improve Inventory Acquisitions by Tapping Into All Profit Centers at the Dealership

Robert Donovan

Acquire and turn the best inventory for your dealership. Discover how to create processes, transactions, and results to source your inventory all while increasing RO count. Learn how to take in a trade and turn it instantly.

Advanced Digital Retailing

Gain insight on how to build a winning digital retailing process that delights your customers.

The Button is Only as Powerful as the Process Behind it

Benjamin Hadley

Create a sustainable digital retailing strategy. Learn what should be set up in your dealership before you invest in digital retailing. Discover the proven steps that you can take to move the needle with digital retailing today.

Digital Retailing: Work Smarter, Sell More

Super Session | Michelle Denogean

Discover digital retailing techniques that can make your sales team 3 to 4 times more efficient. Learn concurrent deal-making tactics that can significantly impact your bottom line.

Welcome to the Convenience Economy: the Operational Impact of Digital Retail

Joe St John

Capitalize on the new business demands of the convenience economy to grow market share and increase gross profit. In this breakout, uncover the specific road map you need to follow in your dealership operations.

How to Apply Digital Retailing for Measurable Results Today

Andrew Tai

Achieve measurable results from digital retailing in your dealership with these actionable changes. Discover best practices in digital retailing, including real-world examples of current dealer practices. Learn how dealership process can be improved to better capitalize on digital retailing.

Modern Human Capital

Master the tactics you need to hire, train, and develop an agile, high performing organization

Drafting a Winning Team

Jon Purdy

Build a winning team in your dealership by acquiring top talent. Learn how to identify the key characteristics of top talent and develop a strong interviewing process based on solid processes and best-in-class questions.

Recruit and Retain Women in the Dealership to Improve Business

Michelle Blakeley

Grow your talent by hiring and retaining women. Learn how women are the primary target market for dealerships, and understand how to develop a process to recruit, hire, and retain women today.

Level Up: How Career Paths Can Improve Employee Development

Jason Volny 

Grow, develop, and engage your employees. Learn how to build out career levels for your staff and discover how to implement training in your store. Gain an understanding of the most important factors for modern consumers when making a purchase decision. 

Stop Hiring Traditional Sales People

Mike Anderson

There is a new automotive retail reality, and you need a different type of salesperson to compete today. Learn how to create the job descriptions and pay plans for this new sales role, and discover how the KPIs you need to manage this role have shifted.

Surfing the Blue Ocean of Expeditionary Leadership: How to Navigate & Survive the Car Industry Disruption

Super Session | Mark Brown

Unleash the potential in your employees and achieve better performance. Discover the three approaches most needed to lead through the disruptive changes that are occurring today.

Innovative Leadership

Gain insight on how to build a winning digital retailing process that delights your customers.

Using Free Online Services to Build Better Systems Than You Could Pay for

Zach Hill

Learn how you can create an ad inventory that integrates with Facebook and listing websites. Replace expensive vendors, cut workloads, and keep track of everything. You'll discover how to implement a modern technology stack to work smarter and eliminate waste in your marketing.

You Know Nothing: Navigating OEM Programs For Success In Your Dealership

Super Session | Shaun Raines

Understand how to identify the best program for your dealership. Learn the evolution of the OEM program and how to determine the options that work for your store and situation.

Sell More, Make More: Strategies and Tactics for Making More Gross

Len Short 

Discover how to align your inventory marketing strategies to your sales objectives. Understand why pricing reductions are hurting your bottom line and how you can use your dealership data to uncover pricing and promotion opportunities.  

New Dealership Revenue Streams

Discover alternative revenue opportunities for your dealership. We'll discuss the opportunities dealers have to generate outside of selling and servicing vehicles.  Get your questions answered and learn how progressive dealerships are growing their business through monthly revenue.

Michael Anderson | Owner at The Rikess Group

Brian Allan | Senior Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships, HyreCar

Adam Carley | VP of Product and Marketing, Clutch Technologies

Dave Zwick | Managing Director at Solera