Everyone wants to advance their career. Give the reins to each employee for their own career development. When employees can see a clear career path that is backed by training they are engaged and eager to do everything possible to advance their career. The dealership will be able to choose which career track each employee can take. Give employees the control they desire with our Career Management feature.

Employees will benefit from this feature due to their ability to take career development at their own pace. The platform will guide them through job specific training that will help them advance their career within the dealership. This provides the unique ability for employees who may want to switch departments or job roles, the ability to get relevant training before being accepted into their new position. The Career Management feature will show you up-to-date reporting on each employee and where they stand in regards to advancing their career. Now it is clearer than ever who is putting in the work to advance their career.

The Career Management feature will have job specific training for every dealership department for things as simple as a crash course in fixed ops to a things as detailed as what the goals for the day/week/month of a fixed ops manager look like and what skills are required to achieve those goals.

See who is willing to go the extra mile to take these trainings.