Ramping up new hire performance starts with a proper new hire orientation. New employees need to have an understanding of our industry, your business and their responsibilities. Then they must be assimilated into your culture. The faster you can help them absorb your culture and the faster they will be ready to be successful.

Our New Hire Orientation feature makes assimilating new employees a snap. It provides a consistent experience that is custom tailored for your store. Every new employee then gets brought on the same way and gets ramped up to ideal results with minimal manager distraction.

Deploying this feature only takes a few minutes.

Work with our Customer Success Manager to build a custom New Hire Orientation badge, including the required training, and tasks you want each new employee to complete in their first few days.

We offer curriculum specific to teaching new hires about the auto industry and how dealerships work. We suggest to compliment that with custom training videos of your GM welcoming them to your store and giving them a walk through of your culture and their job.

As you hire each new employee, your admin will assign them this program with a few clicks and the system manages the process from there.

Learn how to assign the New Hire Orientation Badge here, or learn the admin function of building a badge here.