Tracking performance for employees is a difficult task. Some companies track one or two metrics and determine success if those requirements are met or exceeded. But what about everything it takes to get there. If there is a goal to sell 10 cars a month what other performance indicators besides a signed contract are tracked to ensure success? With Performance Reviews that are job specific, the dealership will be able to determine which areas employees will need extra training in. It will also serve as a great indicator of who is a subject matter expert in certain positions, allowing managers to utilize these individuals to help train on these topics.

The Performance Review feature will be ideal for all employees so they can get up-to-date information on where they stand performance wise. The feature will allow managers to gauge an employees ability to perform certain tasks as well as daily, weekly, and monthly metrics that will allow you to properly strategize to set your dealership up for success.

Performance Reviews make it is easier than ever to get a live look in to the performance of every employee.

Add new performance metrics for each employee or each department and easily track their progress. As an employee transitions to a new department or as a new hire comes on you can quickly add KPI’s that will allow them to be as effective as possible in their new position. Also useful for employees who struggle to do some important things within their job role, since you can add a KPI to their Performance Review.

This feature is invaluable for determining why some of your employees are excelling or struggling. Without it, it tends to be a guess as to why they are flourishing or floundering.

Get a grasp of all employees and their performance.