Control the daily, weekly, and monthly goals of all employees.

With our Task and Project Management feature it is possible to assign tasks and projects to employees to help solidify processes to enable individuals to be successful.

Managers will have the ability to add tasks and projects to users in as much detail as necessary. Some tasks might be one-offs, like remove snow from vehicles, whereas other tasks can be daily reminders that often get overlooked. The ability to use the Task and Project Management feature will give managers better leverage over daily items that need to be addressed. When used regularly, it will give employees the outline to have successful days, which will then turn into successful months.

The Task and Project Management feature will allow the day, and week, for each user to be more defined with lists that provide context for tasks and projects that are under your control. While some of the items that are put into the list might be redundant, like make sure to smile when greeting a customer, it is the habit of seeing these items everyday that will then benefit users in the long run. Adding all the steps that are in place for the sale of a vehicle or the service of a vehicle will soon make the processes of your dealership like clockwork.

Having one easy to use place to see tasks will improve the processes in your dealership.